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Hi! I'm Joe Basile aka "The Chicken" - and this is my audio portfolio. Since starting my career in 2009, I've been creating music and audio for all forms of commercial media, and chances are you've heard some of my work on TV, the radio, or on your favorite social media channels. 

In 2021, I won the Motion Award for Best Sound Design for my work on The Breakout. I have also worked on many pieces featured in Stash, and Motionographer

In my spare time, I like to work on short personal projects as sonic exercises, you can find most of that content on my Instagram page.

My studio is located in the Bok building in South Philadelphia, an incredible creative hub for makers and doers renovated inside a 1930s era trade school building. Its in this space that I have the capability to do all things audio, from recording voiceovers, producing original music tracks, and finalizing your mixes.

Original Music, Sound Design, Sonic Branding, Audio Mixing, Audio Restoration, Music Supervision and Consulting, Voiceover Recording On-Site and Remotely via Source-Connect.

For commercial work, I like to think of myself as an audio Swiss army knife. Whether its writing a full original music composition, creating sound design for your production, sonic branding or you simply need advice on how audio can bring the most value to your project, I'm your guy. 

Some of the wonderful brands I've worked with include:
NPR, ESPN, Google, Samsung, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Adobe, Amazon, Meta, Molson-Coors, The US Chamber of Commerce, The World Bank, Qualcomm, Little Caesars, Hewlett-Packard, Comcast, RedHat, National Geographic, American Red Cross, WebMD, Toshiba, AirBnB, IBM, WSFS Bank, Cree, Pampers, Sherwin-Williams, General Electric, Zapier, Lenovo, Microsoft, 3M, World Wildlife Fund, Fidelity Investments, RTI, Nike, The VA, American Express, AARP, Jared, and many others.

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